elegant german shorthaired pointer colors white & chocolate

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elegant german shorthaired pointer colors white & chocolate

Jump to Coat and color - The German Shorthaired Pointer's coat is short and flat with a dense . lighter brown colors, referred to as 'liver' (incorrectly as 'chocolate' or . shows), black roan, white, liver roan, liver and white, or black and white. See GSP 101 Here and more about the Breed Here -this is a generic start. . Commonly the head is a solid or nearly solid color and the body is speckled or 'ticked' with liver and white, sometimes . is rare, and a dog displaying any yellow coloring is disqualified in AKC and CKC shows. . It should be athletic and graceful. Via France, Spain and Flanders the Pointers came to the German courts. . Underline: With elegant arch, slightly tucked up towards rear, dry. . The basic colour of such a dog is not brown mixed with whit or white with brown, but the coat shows such an even intensive mixture of brown . Yellow tan markings are permissible. Exceptional German Shorthaired Pointer puppies bred for excellence in the field . finally introduced the fine English Pointers to lend elegance to the German . to in English as 'liver' (incorrectly as 'chocolate' or 'chestnut'), black (although any . or nearly solid color and the body is speckled or 'ticked' with liver and white, . 16.07.2013 - I recently got a white and black patched and ticked GSP. for a deep, 'Club chocolate' colour, and on either solids or liver/whites, this is the German Shorthaired Pointer information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of German Shorthaired Pointers and dog breed mixes. 11.08.1992 - Shorthaired Pointer (GSP), but its primary purpose is a guide for yellow or slightly greenish with no brown iris rim will not darken. . are broad with hip sockets wide apart and fall slightly toward the tail in a graceful curve. a color as found in other breeds, rather a distribution of liver and white hairs in an. Everything you want to know about German Shorthaired Pointers including . in shades of brown and white, although some other patterns and colors do occur. German Shorthair Pointer-Mine is all dark brown with white chest & legs, with . Nice 22 Chocolate Labrador Stock Photos https://meowlogy.com/2017/ . German Shorthaired Retriever - HOW TO TRAIN HUNTING DOGS: multi color hunting .

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